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Glueckert v. Glueckert

Glueckert v. Glueckert, 2015 MT 107 (April 17, 2015) (McGrath, C.J.; Rice, J., concurring & dissenting)) (4-1, aff’d)

Issue: Whether district court properly held that grandparents were not entitled to unsupervised visitation with grandchild contrary to mother’s wishes.

Short Answer: Yes.


Facts: The Glueckerts’ son Thayer married Kristin Glueckert, and the couple had a son, MT, in 2013. Thayer is on active military duty outside of Montana. He and Kristin have separated but not divorced, and no parenting plan is in place. MT has lived with Kristin since he was born, and Thayer has had physical contact with him only when home on leave.

The Glueckerts sought regular visitation with their grandson by negotiating with Kristin. Kristin agreed to contact, and provided one-hour visits in her home, but would not generally allow unsupervised visits except when Thayer is home on leave.…