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Whitefish Credit Union v. Prindiville

Whitefish Credit Union v. Prindiville, 2015 MT 328 (Nov. 24, 2015) (Rice, J.) (6-0, aff’d & rev’d)

Issue: (1) Whether the district court erred by holding that a hearing was required as a matter of law to determine the fair market value of the foreclosed property; (2) whether the district court’s valuation of the foreclosed property was supported by credible evidence; and (3) whether the district court erred by improperly admitting evidence at the hearing.

Short Answer: (1) No; (2) the Court does not reach this issue because (3) yes, the district court abused its for a rehearing.

Affirmed & reversed & remanded

Facts: Defendants Prindivilles, Shinns, and Rothschild acquired more than 600 acres of land on Patrick Creek Road with a loan from Whitefish Credit Union for $2.237 million.…