Co-Counsel & Consultant

rattlesnakeAs a lawyer, you know better than anyone how much assistance you need on a case. Maybe you just need help with a motion — you’re swamped with other work or it involves an issue outside your primary area of expertise. Maybe you need someone to help you prepare for oral argument. Or perhaps you would like co-counsel to help shoulder the responsibilities of a case from beginning to end.

If you work in a small firm or a solo practice, you don’t always have the luxury of walking down the hall to talk to another lawyer to help you think through a difficult problem. But often, that’s just what you need — someone to be part of your team.

With 18 years of experience practicing and teaching civil litigation, Beth can help you represent your clients at the trial court or on appeal. She can help you with unusual legal questions, and ensure you’re creating an adequate record should you need to appeal. You can associate her as co-counsel in any court where she is licensed or hire her as a consultant. It’s up to you. Beth will work with you in a way that best meets you and your client’s needs.

Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about: making sure every client gets the chance he or she deserves.