Teaching & Writing

Beth Brennan taught at the University of Montana School of Law from 2006-2011, and now teaches as an adjunct professor. She has taught Civil Procedure bar review and various continuing legal education classes. She is periodically invited to teach legal writing and analysis to the judges attending the Montana Courts of Limited Jurisdiction continuing education conference. Beth’s mastery of the subjects she’s teaching as well as insistence on making class interesting make her an effective professor and presenter.

Beth’s experience as a law professor has enhanced her ability to be an effective advocate for her clients, as well as a valuable resource for other attorneys with whom she works.

At the UM Law School, Beth taught a variety of courses, including:

  • Torts
  • Remedies
  • Appellate Advocacy
  • Legal Writing and Analysis
  • Pretrial Advocacy (lawyering skills)

Beth’s philosophy of teaching is based on several key principles:

  • We’re all beginners when we venture into something new.
  • Learning pushes us out of our comfort zones.
  • Beginners have to learn the language of a discipline as well as its foundational concepts.
  • The more you study a discipline, the more you begin to see patterns and connections, which in turn make it easier to develop mastery.
  • Mastery takes time.
  • Laughter increases learning.

Beth is available to teach a variety of subjects to groups both large and small. Call or email for more information.